A Quick Review of Website Builders for Small Businesses

Small businesses now have a chance to make it big. The Internet has leveled the playing field so completely that it is simply a matter of parlaying your powers of persuasion to convert sales. However, you need to have the best website you can. You can get 1.6 million likes just like 6pm if you play your cards right. Even if you use free templates, you can still customize it and make it your own. Your website can be rocking and still be on budget. Here’s a quick review of the best website builders for your small business.


This is a great website builder if you sell products online, and if you bring your business on the road such as tradeshows and farmers’ markets. You don’t need to have any training to build an online store in Shopify. You can also use your website to manage your physical store using their retail add-on. It has a 14-day free trial, so test it first to see if you like it.


The nice thing about Bigcommerce is their marketing features. It offers email and social media marketing tools as well as search engine optimization options. Bigcommerce also has partnerships with website designers and marketing firms for all budgets if you have a mind to use them. You can try building your online store without charge for 15 days before you have to give your payment information or give it up.


If you have a shoestring budget for your online business, you might want to consider this website building site, which also offers free domains and hosting services. You don’t need to do any coding, and the templates are really quite impressive for a free website builder site. If you also want a blog, you can use Xprs, which is similar to WordPress, to create one.


A relatively new entrant to the website building scene, Sitey is not free, but you can use the editor as much as you want before paying anything. You can explore the design possibilities without committing anything but time. It offers reliable hosting and round-the-clock support. It also offers an image library, social media options, and mobile support.

The website builders here offer various options for different needs. Always keep in mind that you need to plan for future expansion, so choose a builder that can grow with you. It is up to you to choose the right website builder for your small business.