Business Mentoring

What Is Mentoring In Business anyway? There are a lot of mixed ideas about mentoring in general, but especially in the world of business. I have heard everything from, “Why would anyone want to help me? Aren’t I the competition?” to “But my mentor isn’t doing enough for me. I’ve been talking to him for two months, and I am still not successful.”

So let’s start off by talking about what Mentoring in Business really isn’t. First of all, it is not a course in business. A mentor is not meant to teach you everything you should have already learned. Business basics and the technical skills for your particular type of business should already be in your possession. A mentor is also not meant to be a on-the-job-trainer. He is not meant to show you where the copier is, how to access client lists, or explain your benefits package. It is not his job to hold your hand.

It is also not his job to make you a success. Your mentor is not there to do things for you. A mentor can not make you successful. A mentor is also not your personal employee. Usually mentors are very successful experts in the field of business they excel in. This makes them very busy people. They do not have unlimited amounts of time to help you. They are also not your friend. Your mentor is not meant to tell you everything that you want to hear or to be your never-ending cheerleader.

Business Mentoring

So then, what does Mentoring in Business mean, then? A business mentor is meant to be like an advisor, giving you advice, as you need it. This relationship works best if you have specific questions or issues to bring to your mentor. Because you may have limited time with your mentor, you want to make the best use of your time together. Gather all the pertinent details for whatever issue you are trying to solve or work through before you meet with your mentor to discuss it. As he is an expert, he is going to see what you are doing wrong, as well as what you are doing right. Try not to be defensive when you are meeting with your mentor. If you are doing something wrong, you want to know it.

Your friends will tell you that your right, a mentor will tell you how to do it better. While a mentor may point out inadequacies this is not a bad thing. Remember a mentor is not your superior or boss. So there should be no fear of being judged. And if the problem is a conflict with a superior, this makes your mentor a perfect person with whom to discuss it. Remember that a mentor is not meant to do things for you. That means if you want to grow as a result of this relationship, you must have follow-through. Advice means nothing if it is not followed.

Being part of a Mentoring in Business relationship can be priceless. From helping develop your personal best, to helping coach you through business snags, to even helping you expand your networking circle, a mentor can help you in many ways. Just remember that you must put in more effort than your mentor in order to make it a worthwhile relationship.

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