Domestic Partner Insurance: Where and How?


Domestic insurance is not as widespread as other types of insurance today. In easy words, this insurance is created for couples who live together but are not married for some reasons. It was impossible before, as only married couples could share a plan. But now many couples (of both the opposite and the same sex) who cannot or do not desire to get married can also share an insurance plan and have all the benefits of it as married couples do.   

What defines a domestic couple?

For now, you can find no federal guidelines that specify who can qualify as a domestic partner. It is regulated by each American state. It is common today to qualify a domestic couple as a committed partnership when two people (of the opposite or same sex) are similar to a married couple but do not have marriage license. So, sharing finances and living together would be the main characteristics of a domestic couple.  Commonly insurance carriers require some proof that you have a strong relationship. It can include different bills and receipts that prove that you share financial responsibilities; it can be some notarized documents; in some states it can be an agreement of the filed domestic partnership given by the clerk’s office (it is possible to get such insurance in Alabama, California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington).

How Does One Evaluate Insurance For Domestic Partners?

You will not find much difference between evaluating insurance for domestic couples and insurance for anyone or anything else. So as with any other insurance variation, you need to take some time, make a research, review and understand the peculiarity of this insurance. You will need to get to know about health insurance first, if you are not already well-versed in it, and then go into domestic partner insurance.  

How can I Search for an Insurer for Domestic Partners?

It is not always a one-banana problem to find an insurance provider that supplies domestic couples with insurance policies. The first thing you can try is your job insurance. You can contact the insurer that provides your work insurance and get to know whether it is possible to insure your domestic partner with your job health insurance.  If it is possible, you should find out how you do it. If it is not possible, you should start searching for a private insurance institution.

Some extra Benefits for Gay Domestic Partnerships

Below you can find some the American states that except gay domestic partnerships and offer some benefits:


California regulations allow same-sex domestic partnership for couples that:

·         Are at least of the age of 18;

·         Agree to get responsibility for one another’s typical living expenses

·         Share a residence;

·         Are not in another domestic partnership;

·         Are unmarried.

District of Columbia (D.C.):

·         Bereavement or family leave.

·         Health insurance protection for a couple of district government workers.

·         The possibility to register partnership in the mayor’s office.

·         Hospital visitation rights.


·         Treatment as a married couple according to some inheritance regulations.

·         Bereavement and Family leave.

·         A possibility to sue for wrongful death.

·         Hospital visitation benefits.

·         Any two unmarried individuals who are not allowed to marry each other under the state law (same-sex couples or relatives) can now apply for some privileges that were before available only for married people.


·         Health care coverage.


·         According to Oregon’s law, domestic couple is allowed to get all the immunities, benefits, rights and privileges that are allowed to married partners of the State.


·         Hospital visitation rights.

·         State work partnership pension privileges.

·         A possibility to authorize organ donations and autopsies in case of death.

·         State employee partnership health privileges.

·         Inheritance rights.

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