Freshforex Review: This Broker is a Scam

I was trading with Fresh Forex for a good 4 months before they stole all my money. It was November when I started trading with FreshForex scam broker, they have a very sophisticated trading platform and a very alluring website that eluded me to start investing money with them.

It was easy sailing in the first month of trading, I started with their demo account and after growing accustomed to it and familiarizing it after few trials and errors I decided to open a live account and received their trading bonus which was really something, it was around 101% of my initial deposit. I also followed their 5 steps to my dreams which were; 1) Opening an affiliate account, which I did after knowing these steps 2) I got a referral link 3) I defined the strategy 4) and worst decision I’ve ever made, tell my friends how great Fresh Forex (which is not true, Fresh Forex is every bit off scam that wants nothing but to take all your money) 5) I never got the profit promised on my account, after referring this bullshit company to my friends. It never did come, after several customer service calls and patience, I didn’t have my promised profit and I eventually gave up.

That was not the biggest stealing they got from me, it was after the couple of months of trading that I realized that I was being scammed and stolen too. It was around December when I earned a couple of thousands of dollars on my account; I then proceeded to ask for a withdrawal because It was Christmas and I desperately needed the money to buy my family some nice presents and just provide for them. It didn’t come through, I was never given the opportunity to withdraw anything in that month and I was left with disappointed family. Just last month, somewhere in the first week of January, I again asked for another withdrawal request for the money that I earned on my account which was still at an estimated $5000. It was this time that I realized that I was being scammed, I tried contacting them relentlessly for the past days by means of emailing them, calling them, using their customer service on their website, and just putting every way I could imagine. I got nothing; the request went to deaf ears.

It was after several days that I received an email from them; they said that they will give me $1000 if I send them some information which I already gave them in terms of my account for verification. I did give them what they needed, but I still got nothing up to this day. No email, no calls, and no money.

I’ve been very patient with them, and I just had enough. Don’t trade with Fresh Forex they are a bunch of monkeys who scams people of their money. They are clearly scamming everyone and they would be really persuading on the very first month to convince you to deposit as many money as you can, but unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw any. It is sad and disappointing, but as for me and my friends, we wouldn’t recommend you doing business with these scammers!

Please if you still value your money and your investments, stay away from this scam broker.