ICO: A New Evolution To Investment

ICO is not a new term; you must have by now come across this term through news or other mediums. ICO is the initial coin offerings that are generally used by start-ups who wish to skip the formalities connected with obtaining loans from government bodies.

But in the recent times, there is immense number of people who are using ICO and the number of investments through this medium has gone alarmingly high.

Due to its demand and number of people investing in this medium, it has generated attention not only of general public but also other government bodies who function as lending bodies of funds.

Cryptocurrency is popular these days as Bitcoin is of increasing popularity among users. It can be used as a token like ICO or currency and use it for your daily transaction purpose.

The transaction details can be verified using your registered account and the payments are reflected independently on a central network called blockchain.

However due to high rate and high transaction fees of bitcoin, other ICOs such as HighRewardCoin are gaining popularity. Although HRC is a new it has been gaining attention among the investors due to its features and capacity to grow. If you are planning to invest in high growth ICO this is the one you should not miss out.

With cryptocurrency you can easily enjoy online and offline purchase of various commodities using Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is being used, the transactions are stored in a central network called the cryptocurrency and the medium through which they are stored is blockchain.

Blockchain has specific network based system and use their linked and secured method to store details about every user who has purchased an ICO or Bitcoin. While the concept of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency initiated from the year 2008, the concept of blockchain evolved as a result of ICO and Bitcoin and this cannot be viewed separately.