Know The Latest In Smartphone Technology

You will find that the smartphone technology is racing at a fast pace. Keeping up with the latest gadgets and technology in the market has never been simple. However, smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of your life and one day without them seems impossible.

Technology changing daily

Christopher Manente is a lover of smartphone technology and loves to keep himself updated with the latest developments. He is from the USA and also has a blog where he shares his thoughts on technology especially electric cars. He says that the moment you get used to the WVGA screens and the 8 Mega Pixel cameras, they become outdated just so fast and a new variant enters the market.  At times, it is hard for even a technological geek like him to keep track of what is entering the market. Hardware and software are being constantly updated he says.

The amazing world of smartphones and their developments

He says that processors and screens of smartphones have been the most changing parts of the device technology. If you look back, you will see that dual core processors made their entry early 2011 and now they are standard and found in every top smartphone of every manufacturer. Now, you have the quad core processors and they are being included in the Transformer Prime Tablet. Now, The Prime is just a tablet but before you know it, you will soon be seeing these quad core processor smartphones being shipped and used by everyone across the world as their normal standard cellphone.

Evolution at its best…

Look at the evolution of smartphone screens. The HD screens are already a hit in the market and they have entered every home. If you take a look at the HTC Rezound, you will find that this is one smartphone that really makes a HD screen an amazing pleasure to use.

Now check the latest versions of Android that have hit the market. It is the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 and now people are discarding their old cellphones to buy new ones with the latest in operating systems and features. He says that if you look at smartphones, they have somehow replacing the modern camera and radio. You no longer need to carry extra gadgets with you. Taking your smartphone along is all you need. The design and the durability of smartphones also have undergone sea change transformation over the last few decades and this is indeed good news.

Christopher Manente says that he is a computer technician by profession but when he is not working he will always take out time and check the latest when it comes to technology. He is fond of smartphone, electronic devices and gaming devices. He says that he writes blog posts for his readers to know about these developments so that they too are aware of the new stuff that is coming into their homes. He is happy at seeing the developments and always makes sure that he keeps track of them whenever he is free.