Negotiating with electric companies for better business electricity prices

Electricity is one of, if not the, most elementary and important need in all kinds of business, big or small. But business owners also value the importance of minimizing their costs while maximizing their productivity. And this idea also applies to business electricity prices.

To this end, the best solution for cutting down on electricity costs is to simply negotiate with your current electricity supplier. While ordinary people may find this idea almost impossible to pull off, you should keep in mind that electricity suppliers are also a type of business, and that they’re also willing to engage the extra mile, and even the extra cost, just to get, and keep, their current customers, including you. All it takes is the proper attitude, and a little bit of smooth-talking.

Here are a few tips to consider when negotiating the deal.

  • First, research on the field. This will give you a better idea and understanding on what’s happening in the electricity industry. Arming yourself with this knowledge will not only help you in determining a good deal from a bad one, but will also save you from embarrassment in the long run.
  • Make note of your business electricity needs. Add-ons and extras will always be present when you’re trying to secure a deal, and the sales person will always try to slip in an opportunity to offer one, but in order to keep your electric bills as low as possible, make sure you’re buying only what you need, and only take these extra offers when you’re certain that you’re going to use them.
  • When calling up the electricity company, most of the times, the person you’re talking to might not have the authority to address your concerns. If such is the case, kindly ask for permission to talk to their supervisor, or any other person with the higher authority, to carry out your negotiation.
  • A good trick to quickly secure a more affordable deal is to simply tell the company that you’re very happy with their services, but that the costs they’re charging is not affordable anymore that you’re thinking of moving on to an another company which offers cheaper electricity prices. This may prompt them to offer a better, more affordable deal with you as an effort to get you into staying with them.

The idea of negotiating with a big company like an electric company may seem daunting for most people, but for business owners, it’s very important to do everything that it takes to get their costs down, especially when dealing with huge volumes. The key to ensure success in the business world is to always take risks, no matter how big it is, and use any available opportunity that comes forward. And while the risk of negotiating with a big company like an electric company is very high, once the deal is set, you can be certain that your electricity bill will surely go down, allowing you to allocate your capital into more resources needed for the growth and expansion of your business.