Simplestockcharts: Simplest Advanced Open Source Stock Charting

The thought of sharing the code among programmers as well as developers has been there for many years, from 1970s till the current open-source methods.

The developer of Kenneth Fam Wencong believes in the same tradition and follows it through his website.


In his website, Wencong offers to the visitors of the website or his clients a code library and JavaScript API as a free download. The API developed by Wencong is designed to be a very simple tool for stock-charting for web pages. The API is mainly based on the native browser technologies but works well on all latest browsers that include the tablets as well as smart phones applications.


The web developers as well as the finance bloggers can use the API developed by Kenneth basically to draw a historical stock chart for a provided stock ticker and then later slot it into a financial portal or blog.  Kenneth Fam Wencong is a 29 year old web designer.

He is based in Singapore and has gained a diploma in Management Studies amidst doing programming jobs as part time to earn his living.

The idea of creating a stock charting tool came to his mind when he was not able to find a good stock charting tool through web browsers or open source channels.

To get an idea about the browse documentation and stock chart tool for the API, you can visit

Mr. Kenneth Fam Wencong can be contacted through his personal website where you can sent in your queries as messages or can even get connected with him through his Face book page.